What is a Lone Soldier?

Every year thousands of young-adults leave the diaspora behind and move to Israel alone in payment to draft to the Israeli Defense Forces. These soldiers are called “Lone Soldiers” because, with their families abroad, they are left alone, to fend for themselves, with apartment rentals, utilities, cleaning, maintenance, food, laundry, and Shabbatot and Yomim Tovim. Lev LaChayal helps religious lone soldiers before, during, and after their army service.
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Draft Ready For Anything

Lev LaChayal ensures our soldiers draft fully qualified. Before beginning their army service, our students spend six months preparing and training coupled with personal help and guidance in navigating through the various stages in drafting into the IDF.

High Level Learning

Hilchot Tzava


Intense Physical Training


Yeshiva Environment

Psycologists On Staff

Full Bureaucratic Assistance

No Lone Soldier Should Feel Alone

We believe that our soldiers should feel just as supported as their Israeli comrades whose families live here in Israel. They should have a place they can call home, a familial support network, and their needs taken care of in the most motherly way possible.

Beautiful Homes

When serving, each of our soldiers lives in one of our beautiful furnished homes, and has his own room. We make sure they always have a stocked fridge, a cleaned and maintained home, and no bills left for them to worry about.

There, At Every Tekes

Israeli parents make sure to attend every army milestone ceremony for their children. Our soldiers should be no different. Accordingly, we make sure to be there for our boys at every tekes and masa kumta.

Shabbat Meals

Every Shabbat and Yom Tov our soldiers are hosted by the Rebbeim, Av and Eim Bayits and community families. This way, our chayalim enjoy good warm family meals along with the knowledge that our staff and community stand behind them throughout their service.

Rides to the Train

To get to and from base, soldiers need to take a network of busses and trains. Lev LaChayal makes sure that our boys have a ride to the train the same way that a regular soldier would have their parents send them off or pick them up from the train.

Frequent Base Visits

We frequently send staff to visit our soldiers on base and bring snacks, gear, motivation, and the powerful message that the Jewish people stand behind them.

Shiurim On and Off Base

Lev LaChayal makes special visits to army bases to give shiurim, food, and chizuk to our soldiers. When our boys return home from base, they have a warm and inviting Beit Midrash, with shiurim, available to them.

Built Upon A Warm Yeshiva Environment

Lev LaChayal is a subsidiary program of Yeshivat Lev HaTorah, a thriving Religous Zionist Hesder Yeshiva. Our pre-draft soldiers live on campus, and comprise a vital part of the Yeshiva’s second year program. Once in the army, our soldiers have full access to the Yeshiva campus. They’re free to learn in the Beit Midrash, join shiurim, and meet with Rabbeim.

Feel at Home with an Av and Eim Bayit

A lone soldier should never feel alone. That’s the job of an Av and Eim Bayit, to give our soldiers the warm feeling of home, whether they are on or off base. Our Av and Eim Bayits host and arrange Shabbat meals for our soldiers, maintain their homes, and are always there for the guys whenever they just need someone to speak with. Every 15 guys are assigned to a different Av and Eim Bayit. It is small enough that each and every one of them feel like they are a part of the family, and large enough to still be part of a great chevra.