Annual Schedule Related to the Army

Lev LaChayal operates its pre-draft learning and training program with two army draft dates,
March and August. Both last for 7 months. They share the same 4 stages:

Getting Started – Signing up for the Army:

Everyone who intends to join the IDF is required to submit a few documents. See “what to bring with you”
for further details. Please be sure to bring all of them with you for your first arrival in yeshiva in order to
be submitted to the ministry of defense.


Initial Interviews

The first interviews and initial processing take place in the first few months of the program, by going to the following three offices: Hesder office, ministry of defense, and interior ministry. At the end of the process, a special machal visa will be granted.

For the March Draft: October
For the August Draft: January


Tzav Rishon

Everyone who signs up for the army receives an invitation for his official army interview, and physical, mental, and Hebrew language exams. The tzav rishon determines the soldier’s profile and army options. Once that is set, R’ Dudi explains in further detail to each student his choices and possibilities.

For the March Draft: November
For the August Draft: April



Those who draft through hesder, become soldiers on this date, called chiyul —- the date of becoming a chayal. This is relevant for full hesder and machal hesder students only. Those not doing hesder skip this step. Most lone soldiers doing hesder are obligated to learn for 4 months and do active army duty for 17 months. So, 2-3 months of the learning takes place prior to their draft and 1-2 months takes place afterwards. The army is lenient with shortening the post-army learning requirements when they conflict with college dates and other important matters. For non-hesder chayalim, the chiyul date is the same day as giyus, the draft.

For the March Draft: January
For the August Draft: May-June




Keep in mind:
1. Dates can change and are only approximates.
2. Do not schedule any plans to leave the country from the beginning of the process until the chiyul is complete. All dates set by the army are subject to change. Therefore, it is wise to make only flexible plans, or no plans at all until the chiyul is complete. Leaving the country altogether prior to the army means that you will be taking time off from the pre-draft learning program. We recommend that one’s misses do not exceed 14 days total, including travel days.
3. An applicant who has an Israeli passport then he should consult with us regarding his legal status and requirements.

For the March Draft: March (starts end of Feb and lasts until beg. of April)
For the August Draft: August (starts end of July and lasts until beg. of Sept)

September to March for the March Draft

Initial Interviews Tzav Rishon Chiyul Giyus
October November January March (starts end of Feb and lasts until beg. of April)

January to August for the August Draft

Initial Interviews Tzav Rishon Chiyul Giyus
February April May – June August (starts end of July and lasts until beg. of Sept)