Thank you so much for attending Lev LaChayal’s Mega Succos Concert, together with 4500 people. Your support is incredibly valuable to the organization and we are so happy to have been able to be a part of your chag.

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Your Support directly helps provide for our chayalim.

Lev LaChayal is the only yeshiva based lone soldier program that exists, taking care of them physically, emotionally, and religiously. We currently have 46 soldiers in our program and run 4 homes for them. Last year our campaign was successful enough to purchase our first home for the chayalim which enabled us to double the services we provide for them. Join us today towards our next home: 

To bring Lev LaChayal to your community or to join Team Lev LaChayal for the Jerusalem Marathon, please contact R’ Benjy Kwalwasser:

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In appreciation for all of the brave soldiers in the IDF. We are thinking and davening for you. Special thank you to Rav Kwalwasser and all of the special staff of Lev Lachayal as well.

Erica, Tzvi and Matthew Solomon (New Milford, NJ)

To all those who work so hard on behalf of Lev LaChayal and its soldiers sacrificing on behalf of Eretz Yisroel...Thank you. However, a special Ya'asher Koach is in order for HaRav Dudi Winkler who works tirelessly interceding on behalf of his Chayalim, including for their spiritual wellbeing, and whose dedication necessitates time away from his family and Eretz Yisroel in order to create awareness & raises funds toward continued success. May Lev LaChayal go "Mi'Chayil el Chayil".

Beth and Avi Adler
Alyssa & Rafi
Ethan, Aaron & Micah

Thank you again to all of our donors:

Rafi and Galya Aderet
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