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Israel Office
Address: Nachal Ein Gedi 37
Ramat Beit Shemesh 99000
Phone: 02-992-2617
Fax: 02-999-4640

Rav Dudi Winkler: 058-630-0049


Driving instructions from Jerusalem:

  1. Take the main highway, Road #1 out of Jerusalem.
  2. Take the Beit Shemesh exit, at the bottom of Shaar Hagai, immediately after the gas station on the right.
  3. This exit will loop under Road #1 and take you to Beit Shemesh. This is Road #38
  4. Pass the Beit Shemesh entrance, the South Beit Shemesh entrance and take a left at the 3rd entrance, called Ramat Beit Shemesh.
  5. Continue for several minutes until you reach a traffic circle, whose right exit is presently unfinished. You will need to skirt the circle and stay straight.
  6. A short while after this first traffic circle is a left turn lane. Make that left onto Nachal Chever. (If you hit a second traffic circle in a commercial area, you've gone too far.)
  7. Continue up Nachal Chever until it intersects with Nachal Ein Gedi. Make the right and stop immediately at that corner. The Yeshiva is a 4-story building at Nachal Ein Gedi 37.