Rav Dudi Winkler - Program Director

Rav Dudi Winkler brings passion, idealism, and a fabulous sense of humor to everything he does. After high school, he served as a combat medic in the IDF and then studied at the yeshivot in Eli, Dimona, the Meretz Kollel, where he received his Semicha.  Rav Dudi served as a Ram and as a beloved Av Bayit at Yeshivat Lev HaTorah. In 2011, he and his family began a three-year stint of Shlichut in Melbourne, Australia, where he had a tremendous impact on the community there as the Rosh Kollel of the Religious-Zionist community. 

Rav Yehuda Odesser - Halacha

Rav Yehuda Odesser, currently a senior researcher for several institutes of halachic guidance, including the Forum for Rabanei Yishuvim and, is a Beit Shemesh resident, and father to seven children. Rav Odesser received Semicha from Rav Zalman Baruch Melamed,  Rosh Yeshivat Beit El, and was ordained as a Dayan by Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kalav, the Rosh Kollel Psagot. For many years, Rav Odesser taught and inspired in Beit Shemesh as the Rosh Kollel Shaalei Torah. In addition to his passionate service to Am Yisrael in the Beit Midrash, Rav Odesser continues to serve in the IDF's armored corps reserves.

Rav Jake Vidomlanski - Morning Shiur

Rav Jake received Semicha from RIETS and a BA from Yeshiva University. Before teaching at Lev HaTorah, he served as a Shoel U'Meishiv at Yeshivat Shaalvim and taught at Reishit Yerushalayim. Over the summers, Rav Jake served as Rosh Moshava and Rosh Kollel at Camp Stone and currently is Sgan Rosh Moshava at Camp Moshava, Indian Orchard, PA. Rav Jake, known for his boundless commitment to his students, excels at helping them realize their undiscovered strengths.

Noam White - Physical Training and Advisor

Noam is an alumnus of Lev HaTorah and a former soldier in the (Givati ) unit, where he served as a sniper. He is currently studying at Bar Ilan University while pursuing a degree in Middle East Studies. He will be available two nights a week to prepare the guys physically with a rigorous Physical Fitness training program and will be learning with them and give a סדנה  which will provide the guys with tools for the real life in the army based on his experience. He will bring in as well other guest speakers who will share their experience as commanders and as lone soldiers.