Student Information

The Lev LaChayal Program – Preparing You Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually

Lev LaChayal takes a holistic approach to preparation for service. Being as ready as possible for integrating into Israeli culture, handling the physical challenges of the military, and maintaining religious values require a multi-pronged approach. The beit midrash learning, classes, physical training, and even the recreational activities are designed to allow for maximum readiness.


Lev LaChayal members will take part in an intensive Ulpan in order to sharpen their knowledge and usage of Hebrew. Comfort and fluency with spoken Hebrew is a crucial ingredient in our students’ successful integration into their army units and Israeli society as a whole.

Physical Preparation

Professional trainers will work with Lev LaChayal, designing a unique exercise program for each of our students. This intensive training includes running, weight training, and stamina-building workouts.

The Learning Schedule

The Lev LaChayal beit midrash program integrates classic yeshiva learning, emphasizing Gemara and halacha, with a specialized focus on topics that spiritually prepare soldiers. Among these topics:

Tanach – with a focus on understanding the geography of Eretz Yisrael

Halacha – focus on issues that come up during army service

Jewish Philosophy – Deepening your understanding of Am Yisrael’s unique role in the world, and the special status of Eretz Yisrael.


Serving in the IDF and making Aliyah can be a very confusing journey, with no shortage of bureaucracies to navigate. Lev LaChayal has partnered with Nefesh B’Nefesh to help guide you through the process."

 The Ramat Shilo Community

 As a volunteer lone soldier, you will not have the direct support of your family back home. Along with all of the support we provide you, you will also be “adopted” by one of the wonderful families in the Ramat Shilo community. The family will open its home to you, check in with you, and give you the support that many other soldiers receive from their families in Israel.

During Your Service

Although much of the focus of “Lev LaChayal” is in supporting you as you prepare for service, by no means is that the end of the relationship. Throughout your years in the IDF, Lev LaChayal will be your place to return to -- a comfortable home, a warm caring staff, and an environment of Torah and Ruach.